How do I go about getting a second opinion? Question 16

If you decide that you want to get a second opinion, you must first check with your insurance company to see if your plan includes coverage for second opinions and the physician you plan to see.

You may have to ask the insurance company for a referral to see another doctor if you have an HMO or a similar managed care organization. If you are a member of such a health care delivery system, your choices may be limited. 

These companies will provide you with a list of physicians who are within their network and ask you to choose from this list. You may have to request special permission to see a specialist out of the network if the physician you want to see is not one of those listed. 

Next, make an appointment to see the physician you choose as soon as possible. You will need to have your insurance information and social security number available, as the specialist’s office will ask for this when making the appointment. The specialist’s office will also request that you bring all medical information, test results, biopsy slides, and x-ray/CT films with you to the appointment.

These can all be signed out from your primary care doctor’s office as well as from the medical records department, x-ray/CT film room, and pathology department of the hospital in which you received your care. 

If you need assistance with this, ask the office staff to help you. It is important that if you are traveling a long distance to see the specialist, you have as complete a copy of the materials as possible. 

Also make sure you ask about bringing not only reports but also the actual films or compact discs (CDs) that have all your films on them, as well as the glass slides from the biopsy, so the specialists’ pathology department can make its own reading.  


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